The Art of Not Compromising

If you want to make money from football betting, you must have a sound strategy. You must have a system that you know works and that you apply consistently and profitably.

The best strategy involves bringing a pre-established set of criteria to bear on each opportunity. In other words, you know exactly what the circumstances or stats need to be before placing any bet. There is nothing random or haphazard about it – you know what you are looking for and you simply wait for the right opportunities to present themselves.

But it is not easy to wait! Waiting is hard, especially when there are so many games each day. You get impatient looking at numerous near-perfect opportunities, letting each one pass, only to see that if you had placed a bet you would have won. You feel the need or the urge to do something.

And so you compromise. You drop your standards and take the next opportunity that comes along that almost meets the criteria. The stats are nearly what you ideally want them to be. In fact, one or two even conform with your pre-established ideal. But one of them is off – not by much, perhaps, but still off. You decide on this occasion to just go with it, to take a chance and hope that it works out in your favour.

Such compromises are especially easy to make immediately after you have lost a bet. It is at such a moment that you are most likely to drop your standards and desperately go in search of an opportunity to compensate for your loss.

Another occasion when the urge to compromise often arises is when you have just missed a good opportunity. Or perhaps you let a good opportunity go by, for whatever reason. Maybe something about the game didn’t sit right with you or you overthought the situation. This can lead to a level of frustration and disappointment akin to that experienced just after you lose a bet.

But it is always a mistake to make such compromises, even if on occasions some work out in your favor. Making money consistently from football betting involves the greatest amount of discipline. You need to do everything in your power to eliminate or reduce your losses. You need to stick with the one thing you know works, and apply it again and again.

If you start to compromise, you will incur greater losses. This in turn leads to frustration, which in turn invariably leads to further compromises and greater losses.

The response you need

The only response when you lose a bet is to wait. You must wait for another opportunity to come along that meets the criteria you have established. Anything less than this and you risk embarking on a downward spiral of compromise and loss.

Ultimately it is best to let the opportunities come to you. Don’t spend significant amounts of time scrolling through matches over and over again in the hope that something will arise.

The strategy I have established means that there is simply no need for this. A quick glance at the matches being played at any given time ought to be sufficient to determine if there is a potential opportunity in the making. If nothing obvious jumps out at you, leave it alone. Return to it whenever the next round of matches are about to commence.

There is simply no excuse for hanging around whenever matches do not conform with the criteria that has been established for success. All you are doing is courting temptation and increasing the chances of compromising and loss.

As I have said before, there are ample premium opportunities available for you to profit from. You just have to wait. You will be glad in the long-run if you do.