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The best way to make money from football betting is to have a strategy of your own that you apply again and again with full confidence.

How does The Strategy work?

The Strategy eBook explains in the clearest possible terms the steps you need to take to be consistently profitable.

Chapter 1: The Basics

The opening chapter explains very clearly what in-play betting opportunities we will be focusing on and why these are the most consistently profitable.

Chapter 2: The Matches to Focus On

This chapter walks you through how to quickly identify the matches you should be following to find the best opportunities.

Sample pages from Chapter 2

Chapter 3: The Vital In-Play Stats

Here we focus on the in-play stats you should be monitoring, how to interpret them and when to place a bet.

Chapter 4: Bringing It All Together

The best way to learn is by example! This chapter takes you through the entire process step-by-step, focusing on a variety of actual matches so that you get a clear understanding of what you need to be doing.

Sample pages from Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Things To Be Mindful Of

This chapter contains an invaluable list of some of the pitfalls you need to watch out for and how to avoid them.

Chapter 6: Mindset

Having the right mindset is as important as having a sound strategy. This chapter explains how vital the right mindset is when it comes to successful betting and what you need to be doing to achieve this.

Chapter 7: Bankroll, Units and Betting Accounts

Here we focus on how to set up your accounts and manage your bets to ensure maximum profitability.

Chapter 8: Strategies for Success

The book’s final chapter presents you with a series of easy to follow plans to increase your earnings month on month.

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